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The Award ceremony of the the third edition of the Ermanno Olmi Award, an event aiming to promote short films by young directors, will be held on Thursday, December the 6th at the Auditorium at Piazza della Libertà in Bergamo at 8.30 PM with free admission. The event will include a screening of the four finalist works and the jury consisting of Filippo Ticozzi (director), Diana Cardani (head of Animated Film and Kino Club Bergamo Film Meeting sections), Donatella Palermo (film producer), Andrea Zambelli (director, screenwriter and director of photography) and Erika Ponti (film producer) will assign the Ermanno Olmi Award. A special mention will also be awarded to the most significant work concerning “The religion of small things”, a recurring motif in Olmi’s production and a testimony of his spiritual quest that expresses itself in human relationships, in the relationship with nature and in the ability to grasp the poetry of everyday life.

The event (taking place at the Auditorium at Piazza della Libertà in Bergamo at 8.30 pm with free admission) will include a screening of the four finalist films and a tribute to Ermanno Olmi with a screening of La cotta (The Crush, Italy, 1967), an episode written and directed by the director for the television programme “Racconti di giovani amori”, shot in striking black and white and set in Milan during the Italian economic boom.

The program:
8.30pm — Award Ceremony and screening of the four finalist works
10pm — Screening of La cotta


La cotta
by Ermanno Olmi (Italy, 1967, 47′)

A medium-length film starring two non-professional actors: Luciano Piergiovanni and Giovanna Claudia Mongino. It recounts the first love experiences of Andrea, a 15-year-old boy who is very clever but not overly committed to his studies, struggling with a crush on Janine. The young man deludes himself that what he feels is true and eternal love, but, at the first setback, he is already ready to fall in love with another girl, this time much more mature than he is. She tries to make him understand that true love is built over time, often through compromise and suffering. Andrea refuses to listen to her, convinced that he has found his true soulmate

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